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Jacques Ferchaud

Simply call it Petrus !!! Say it with me : PE...TRUSSSS !! This was the name of the first Pope, Saint Pierre in latin, and became the, if not, one of the most famous wines in the world. No need to even speak about it as a Château, unless it was Versailles... Anyway, this king's beverage is and will always be unique. Moreover because there has not been any castle on the land (which is often the case with wineries, where by miracle a single house becomes a XVth century castle on the bottle's label...), just a modest wine warehouse nicely built a few months ago by Domaines Jean Pierre Moueix company, a widely known monger.

Petrus history : this nectar became legendary in only few decades, which is short when compared to most great wine histories.

The Arnaud Family owned the land of 11.4 ha, until 1925. Edmonde Loubat, a wealthy visionary lady from Libourne, who was also the owner of the wellknown and nicely decorated Loubat hotel restaurant, decided to buy a few parts of the domain, which she deemed "worthy of interest"... and 20 years later she was the happy single owner !!
But one thing unfuriated her : why couldnt she sell her wine at the same price as any of the other famous Medoc Châteaux ?! She made it her personal mission to promote the virtues of her wine so that others would recognize that her wine, HER Petrus, is beyond compare. And she did succeed !


Petrus looks after the Doamine

One sometimes comes from far to dream a bit

Gold is flowing under those grape wine

The dining hall of Herzog & De Meuron
She managed to "impose" her wine to Elisabeth II 's wedding. It is that same wine of exception that made its name in the New World and was the fetish wine... of the Kennedys ! In 1961 she devised her "buildings" between her nephew and niece, Mr. Lissac and Mrs Lacoste ( now deceased, which has led to disputes around the succession, obviously very coveted...).

Jean-Pierre Moueix, the on-going associate, became single owner of the Domaine after buying back M. Lignac's shares and since Mrs Lacoste death.

Ancient wine storehouse has been renovated with scrupulousness
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Petrus vintage 1991 remains unobtainable : in fact, that year the yield quality was not as good as expected. Jean Claude Berrouet, premier enologist in the region of Libourne at the time, in charge of the decision with the Moueix family, finally had to determine to "skip over" that damned year. But this heavy sacrifice, which other estates should have used for inspiration, also contributed to the strength of the name. Thus proving to be respectable in quality and professionalism. Every specialists can still remember what had been at the time a real seismic occurance in the world of wine.
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Site, soil and vintages:
An advanced research study was able to ascertain that at this spot, the soil is composed of a very thin clay called "montmorillonite", that cannot be found on any other land under the label of Pomerol. Petrus is probably one of the best wines in the world thanks to that clay. The nectar's color is dark, nearly black. And one must resist the temptation and let it mature many long years, so that one day, one can taste this unforgettable pleasure.
Nearly 12 ha grapewine and unique soil to produce some anthology vintages : 1947, 1950, 1961, and 1990. These are legendary bottles ,nearly unobtainable that can reach price records at auction.

Petrus, en lettres d'OR bien sûr
Petrus, in golden letters of course
Petrus vintages 67,70,71,75,79,82,85,86,88,89 ( €8200 a bottle on some websites) and 90. Prices keep rising : in 1997, Tajan's study ( a must in wine bidding) knocked down a 1982 Petrus 12 bottle case for 100 000 Francs (around €15 000); today it would cost minimum 25 000 Euros.

Behind the dining hall, Pomerol church
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A few facts to know more about Petrus.
In front of the entirely renovated warehouse (a classic building), a dining hall was added in 2002 by Swiss architects Herzog&De Meuron, and these two stone buildings make up the core of the domain.
The dinind hall is used to host large events and during the grape harvest.

Name : Pomerol.
Owner : Société Civile du Château Petrus.
Supervisor : Jean-François Moueix (Jean-Pierre Moueix's oldest son), director of the Groupe Duclot, which guarantees the exclusive distribution of Petrus in France.
Planting area : 11.4 hectares, comprised of 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc.
Soil Type : black clay.
Yield : approximately 32 000 bottles.
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Forerunner Jean Pierre Moueix created a fine taste "empire" and aroused sommeliers' taste buds all over the world. He is one of numerous Correzian vintners that felt the Libourne region's wine potential. At the time, Libourne's wine lack of recognization led Moueix's eldest son to test the natural charm of the Merlot grape's potential, with the aging process. He dedicated his life to Libourne's international wine promotion.
In the fifties, he consolidated the trade house by purchasing a few prestigious estates. Then he lived a peaceful life, and passed away in 2003.
His second son Christian (1946), joined the family business in 1970, by at first leading the agricultural part, then the commercial activity, and finally in 1991 the presidency. Jean-Pierre Moueix's business belongs today to Christian Moueix and his children : Edouard (1977), sales director since 2003, and Charlotte (1978), veterinarian. The Pomerol and St Emilion vineyards are in close proximity of one another, both near Libourne. Such centralization encourages unity and quality control , closely reflecting the company's speciality.
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