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The Donjon or King's Tower

The only donjon still intact in Gironde

Tourism home of Saint Emilion

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La jurade saint-emilion
Department : Gironde
Micro-region : Libournais
City : Saint-Emilion
La tour du Roy
The only relic of what should form a long time ago the castle of Roy, this donjon of the 13th century is still intact. To the top of the tower, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the region.

The donjon called "Castel Daou Rey"

This building is the only roman donjon still intact in Gironde. The historians diverged about the construction’s date, in 1224 under the order of Louis the 8th, or in 1237 under the impulsion of Henry the third of England.

Used like a stronghold community until the end of the 16th, the tower became the town hall until the 17th century.

Located inside the battlement of the city, the building is based on an isolated massif of all parts, and dug of natural caves, and quarry mined until the middle age.

The tower is of two floors under an underground cavity, which permit an access and to overhang the city. To the top of the tower, the  Jurade of Saint-Emilion declares the third Sunday of June the judgment of the new wine, and the third Sunday of September the banns of grape harvest.
La jurade de St emilion

St emilion

tour du roy

tour du roy

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